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Thank You


I just love the Funeral Car industry, and all the great people that we work with. As with most companies in our industry, we go day to day…business as usual. Then you come upon a day when a special request; a favor is asked of you. You cannot do it alone, you need the help of the companies you work with. For me that day was last Thursday, when I received a call from a funeral director who had a New Platinum Funeral Coach on order with us. The customer explained to me her Mother had just passed away, and she would like to have the new hearse for her mom’s funeral, which was the following Tuesday morning. This meant we had to deliver a new hearse that was still on the production line in 4 days!!!

I called Joe Kellerman, the owner of Platinum Funeral Coach, the company who was building our customer a 2019 MASTERCOACH Hearse, and explained the situation to him to see if this was even possible. In my first conversation with Joe, he explained that the hearse was still on the production line, and was still days away from completion. I explained the customers wishes, and he said he would call me back later that day with an answer. As promised, Joe Kellerman called me back and told me he would have the 2019 Platinum Coach Funeral Coach ready to be trucked to our location early Saturday morning. I was shocked at the answer. All I could say to him was thank you!! After getting off the phone with Joe, I contacted the trucking company to see if I could get this vehicle shipped pretty much overnight to CT. My family has worked G&H Trucking for more years than I want to admit, so I called Carl & Brent Gardner of G&H Trucking to see if they could help us. In true Carl & Brent fashion they said “we will make it happen”!!

Now it was time to just wait to see if Joe could get the new hearse finished and if Carl & Brent could get it to us on Sunday or early Monday morning. I arrived at our dealership, as usual, at 6:00 AM to see a G and H Professional Transport running in our parking lot. Wow! What a relief to see that. Taylor, the driver, made the long drive and he arrived at our dealership around 1:00 AM on Monday morning.

I also want to thank all the employees here at Parks Superior Sales, they processed this 2019 MasterCoach very quickly. The vehicle was cleaned, fully inspected, photographed, and paperwork was done all in about 3 hours. Again, everyone came together to make a customers wishes come true. I had the honor of delivering the new 2019 Platinum Coach “MASTERCOACH” to the funeral home, and I cannot explain to you just how happy she was that we were able to make this happen.

Again, THANK YOU to all who made this happen! It’s so nice to work in an industry that will go out of their way to make a customers wishes come true.

To Tim & Susan Cook, of the Cook Funeral Home in Torrington, CT, thank you so much for your continued business and friendship. We are truly sorry for your loss, and our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Michael Parks

Cook Funeral Home To EVERYONE who had a part in the amazing customer service Parks Superior gifted us with, from the very bottom of my heart, I THANK each of you. My mother’s funeral procession was breathtaking….. a memory I will treasure forever. Thank you Michael Parks❤️

Charlie Castiglione Great story . So nice to hear professionals working together.

Scott Laurin What a great story! Thanks for sharing, Mike. You guys truly are the best!

Jeff Levesque This shows once again the Excellence of everyone at Parks! We are so honored to be a part of their family and would Never call anyone else!

Jeff Smith Platinum and Parks, customer service is their top priority!

James Fay That Is What I Call Real Customer Service.