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Parks Superior Sales specializes in the financing & leasing of both new & pre-owned funeral cars. Our team offers a simple half-page credit application that can help an interested customer gain approval within about an hour. We will custom tailor a finance or lease program around your specific needs while offering flexible terms from 24 to 72 months.

Term Options

Quick Approvals

No Hassle

Easy Application Process

We provide a simple half-page credit application and work with multiple banks who are very at ease with the funeral car industry. This allows our finance team to get your same-day approval quickly and easily.

Less Hassle…Less Paperwork

We understand the difficulties our customers may encounter when dealing with local banks & financial institutions to finance a hearse or limousine. Parks Superior Sales works with a number of financial institutions that understand the details and logistics behind the funeral business and the needs of the directors. We eliminate the unnecessary hassles, overwhelming applications and extreme time investments that can be an obstacle to your important decision. Call our team and get approved today.

Flexible Terms

Parks Superior Sales offers financing for both new and pre-owned hearses and limousines at competitive rates, with terms from 24 to 72 months. Let us custom tailor a finance plan around your particular needs


Easy Application and Low Payments

Parks Superior Sales offers the option to lease a funeral vehicle if this meets our customer's need or preference. We will design a custom lease or finance plan so you only pay for the portion of the vehicle you use. Simply fill out our half-page credit application and we will get you approved within about an hour.

Significant Tax Advantages

Lease payments on hearses or limousines are 100% tax deductible. This benefit has increased the popularity of leasing in the past 20 plus years and allowed funeral professionals to write off 100% of their hearse or limousine investment. We recommend our customers speak to their business accountant to be educated regarding the possible savings when leasing a hearse or limousine for their business. Parks Superior Sales is always prepared to serve a customer's individual need, explain each option, and point them in a convenient direction to complete their purchase.

Drive the Latest & Greatest

Leasing a funeral vehicle at Parks Superior Sales allows our customer's monthly payment to be lower than a traditional financing agreement. Customers who choose to lease can then acquire a newer model car more inexpensively than if they chose to finance the purchase. Leasing a newer car also allows our customers to take advantage of new car warranties which then lowers their overall investment. Leasing may be a better option for some customers who wish to save on their investment and allow that savings to benefit their business and the families they serve.

No Need to Tie Up Company Capital

At Parks Superior Sales, we know choosing to lease a professional funeral vehicle has no impact on our customer's financial statement or credit line. We advise our customers that leasing allows them to keep their capital and credit lines open to run their business, perform updates to their funeral home or just expand their busines to better serve their customers. Leasing is a great option if a funeral business does not want to tie up company capital.

Frequenty Asked Questions