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We specialize in financing & leasing of both New & Pre-Owned Funeral Cars. We offer a simple half page credit application, and can have you all approved in about an hour. Offering terms from 24 to 72 months, we will custom tailor a finance or lease program around your specific needs. Call today to find out just how quick and easy it is to get into the funeral car of your dreams.


Easy Application Process:
Simple half page credit application with same day approvals. We work with multiple banks that are at ease with the funeral car industry, which allows us to get you approved quickly and easily!

Less Hassle…Less Paperwork:
Over the last several years, local community banks have started to have a difficult time approving loans for a hearse or limousine. Your local bank just does not understand the market values of a hearse or limousine, which can drag out or even prevent the loan process from proceeding past their loan committee or underwriters. They require financial statements and tax returns on a simple car loan for a hearse or limo. After all that time and hassle you spend going through with their overwhelming paperwork requirements, they tell you they cannot finance a hearse or limo… Call us today and be approved TODAY.

Flexible Terms:
We offer financing for both New and Pre-Owned Hearses and Limousines at competitive rates, with terms from 24 to 72 months. Let us custom tailor a finance plan around your particular needs


Easy Application Process and Low Monthly Payments:
Same Day Approvals- Simple half page credit application-
Competitive Rates – Let us custom tailor a lease or finance plan around your needs. On a lease you only pay for the portion of the vehicle you use!

Significant Tax Advantages:
Leasing has become extremely popular in the funeral industry in the last 20 + years, due to the fact that lease payments on Hearses or Limousines are 100% Tax Deductible. You’re able to write off 100% of a hearse or limousine. Check with your accountant about the savings you can get with leasing a Hearse or Limousine.

Drive the Latest & Greatest:
Your monthly payment is lower with leasing than a traditional finance, which gives you the opportunity to get a newer car than you would if you financed. Getting into a newer car also allows you to take advantage of newer car warranties, thus lowering your overall cost. Remain the leader in your community with the latest body style and state of the art equipment and give your families the best.

Preserve Existing Lines of Credit, & No Need to Tie Up Company Capital:
Leasing has no impact on your available credit. Leasing a hearse or limo does not impact your financial statement or credit line. Also, with leasing you’re not tying up company capital, so leasing allows you to keep your capital and credit lines open to run your business, update your funeral home or expand.

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