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Our History

 From humble beginnings in 1952 to the state-of-the-art facility and dealership, 100% dedicated to the funeral service industry.

June 9, 1952

Parks Superior Sales started off very small with a desire to make their business a success. In the beginning, Wilbur Parks, the founder was a one man band handling sales & service. A few years later, Bob Parks came into the business to help his father get the business on its feet. They were a Father & Son team on the road every day, traveling to Funeral homes up and down the East Coast, building relationships and selling & servicing their vehicles, one customer at a time.

October 13, 1954

Wilbur Parks attending the 1954 NFDA Convention

October 29, 1958

Bob Parks at 1958 NFDA Show

June 22, 1959

Robert Parks Sr and Wilbur Parks in Vermont 1959

October 28, 1959

Wilbur Parks attending the 1959 Funeral Directors Exhibit

October 30, 1960

Bob & Wilbur Parks at NFDA

June 22, 1981

Bob Parks getting Dealer of the Year Award

August 29, 1986

Bob Parks and Customer

August 15, 1997

The Third Generation take over Parks Superior Sales. Michael Parks takes over as President.

Recent Expansions

At Parks Superior Sales we are always chasing the next best thing. We pride ourselves on our growth within the industry and are always looking towards the future. Below you can see a few examples of our facility improvements over the past few years. Here at Parks Superior Sales, we strive to provide the best experience for our customers