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Our History

 Parks Superior Sales was born from humble beginnings in 1952 and has continued to grow over 70 years into a state-of-the-art fuenral car dealership and service facility. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are 100% dedicated to the funeral industry and work hard each day to confirm this declaration.

June 9, 1952

Wilbur Parks was keenly focused on bringing success to his small company when he founded Parks Superior Sales in 1952. He ventured out into the world alone working hard to handle all the sales and service responsibilities for his new business. Bob Parks was brought into the business by his father a few years later to increase their level of productivity and customer service. Keeping success and determination in the front of every effort they made, the father and son team spent each day travelling and visiting funeral homes up and down the East Coast. They invested in their passion for creating relationships, building relationships, selling vehicles and providing service one customer at a time.

October 13, 1954

Wilbur Parks attends the 1954 National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) Convention.

October 29, 1958

Bob Parks attends the 1958 National Funeral Directors (NFDA) Convention.

June 22, 1959

Robert Parks Sr joins Wilbur Parks in Vermont in 1959

October 28, 1959

Wilbur Parks attending the 1959 Funeral Directors Exhibit

October 30, 1960

Bob & Wilbur Parks attend the National Funeral Directors (NFDA) Convention

June 22, 1981

Bob Parks happily accepts the Dealer of the Year Award.

August 29, 1986

Bob Parks speaks with another satisfied customer.

August 15, 1997

Leadership transfers to the third generation as Michael Parks is appointed President of Parks Superior Sales.

Recent Expansions

We are proud of our growth within the industry and how the Parks Superior Sales team continues to be focused towards the future. Below you can see a few examples of our facility improvements over the past few years. We strive to provide the best experience for our customers so they can serve their families with quality.