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Our Process



Within 24 hours of a Trade-In or New Car arriving at our dealership, it is cleaned, washed and photographed for our website. Dependent on the year, we also take a video of the vehicle in our auto studio. The photos you see on our website are raw photos from the first day we receive the vehicle, so you are getting a true look at this vehicle inside and out.


After photos, the vehicle goes into our Service Department to go through our 144-point inspection process. We pay one of our technicians 90 minutes to inspect each vehicle and tell us everything that needs to be fixed or adjusted. This is not just a walk around the car, we have developed a system where each tech has their own tablet, and they go through the inspection according to the program. This way we do not miss anything and are able to track the vehicle and its’ condition from day one. All this data is logged into our system so, within 24 hours of arriving here, the vehicle is cleaned, photographed, and placed on our website, plus we know everything that we need to repair and adjust on this vehicle. Vehicles that are scheduled to be sold through our auction sites or wholesale do not go through our inspection process.



The vehicle is then scheduled into our Service Department where the technician will bring up the work order that was generated by the inspection process. We try to schedule the same technician who inspected the vehicle to service it if possible. The technician will go through and make sure everything that was noted on the inspection has been repaired or adjusted. The last step they do is to take the vehicle for a road test, just to make sure all is well and to check for any squeaks or rattles.


Once the mechanical inspection and repairs are complete, the vehicle will go into our Body Shop to have any nicks or scratches repaired. The nice part about our Body Shop is that being right here on our property, makes the transition from the Service Department to the Body Shop a very easy one. The Body Shop technician will bring up all issues from the original inspection on their tablet. This, again, ensures we do not miss anything. We have built a state of the art Body Shop so they can take care of any issue that a funeral car may have.



When all body and mechanical repairs are complete, the vehicle enters our Detail Shop. This is kind of like a Day Spa for funeral cars. The vehicle will be cleaned, buffed and waxed to bring out the original new car shine. Our detailers spend hours going through these cars to make sure they look just right and have that new car smell.


Once the vehicle has been completed through our facility, our Service Manager inspects the vehicle one more time to make sure it is all set. When he puts a stamp of approval on it, the vehicle is parked in our indoor climate-controlled New Car or Pre-Owned Car Showroom waiting for its next owner.
This process sounds easy, but the hard part is repeating it 600 to 700 times a year. This is what makes Parks Superior Sales different.


Time to upgrade

We carry all the major Coachbuilders in the funeral industry. At Parks Superior Sales, we offer you more than just a car sale, you get the full assortment of services including, the largest selection of new & pre-owned funeral cars in the world.