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Our Process

Peace of Mind car Buying Every Time! Our people and time are invested in every pre-owned car we sell. Our process, the Parks Process, ensures the next professional funeral car you purchase from us meets the needs of your business and the families it serves. Why is our process different from any other dealer? See the difference for yourself.



All pre-owned and new vehicles that arrive at Parks Superior Sales are carefully cleaned and detailed. The exterior and interior of each vehicle is washed, polished and prepared for photography and processed to be added to the inventory section of our website. Photographs are taken on the day the car is received at our facility to give an authentic and detailed look of the vehicle inside and out. We also create a video tour of each vehicle so additional details can be captured to further solidify your confidence in the vehicle's condition and level of quality. We provide approximately 100 photographs and additional video presentations of each car because we know this is a significant business purchase. You deserve to see and appreciate every detail. It is the ultimate goal of Parks Superior Sales to make you completely comfortable and excited about your purchase.


Parks Superior Sales has developed a unique inspection process that provides much more than a quick walk-around and limited look at the vehicle. Our service department takes each vehicle through a 144-point inspection immediately after all photography and videography has been completed. An assigned technician spends 90 minutes inspecting each vehicle to document any issues, including mechanical repairs and/or cosmetic defects. Each technician uses a specially configured tablet to guide them through a specific inspection process designed to generate a detailed report about the vehicle which is then logged into our system. Our process ensures all vehicles are cleaned, photographed, inspected, added to our inventory and placed on our website within 24 hours of arriving at our facility. Please note vehicles scheduled to be sold through our auction sites or for wholesale do not go through this inspection process.




The vehicle is scheduled to go through the Parks Superior Service Department for necessary repairs based on its initial inspection after the inspection is reviewd. We typically assign the repair tasks to the same technician who inspects the vehicle to maintain a consistent and efficient process and work flow. The repair process will be finalized only after the technician takes the vehicle for a road test. This last step is to ensure any squeaks, rattles or concerning sounds can be addressed before this leg of the process can officially conclude.


Vehicles that have been inspected and repaired mechanically are then brought to our body shop to have any nicks, scratches or cosmetic issues repaired conveniently on-site at our facility. The body shop technician can then review all issues documented from the original inspection through our system on their tablet which will serve as an additional check of quality and efficiency. The Parks Superior Body Shop is a state-of-the-art facility designed specifically to address any issues that may affect a funeral vehicle on premises.



The Parks Superior Detail Shop will service a vehicle only after all cosmetic and mechanical repairs have been completed. Our team of detailers will perform a complete "spa treatment" on the vehicle which includes a final clean, waxing and buffing to bring out the original new car shine and smell. We spend hours of special care to make sure all the vehicles that pass through our facility look the absolute best.


The Service Manager at Parks Superior manages the final stage of quality assurance by performing one more step of inspection once the vehicle has been fully serviced and detailed. The vehicle is moved to our on-site climate controlled new or pre-owned car showroom once he has given his approval. We consistently perform this process, steps 1 through 6, between 600 and 700 times per year which confirms our commitment to excellence, efficiency and quality. A proven 70 year commitment with the investment to provide quaility pre-owned cars to our customers.


Time to upgrade

We carry all the major Coachbuilders in the funeral industry. At Parks Superior Sales, we offer you more than just a car sale, you get the full assortment of services including, the largest selection of new & pre-owned funeral cars in the world.