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Coachbuilder Warranty Center

We are a factory authorized and trained warranty center


If your vehicle begins operating out of the norm or the dashboard lights up, it’s time to call Parks Superior Sales and speak with a service representative that will give you straight answers on your vehicle and check to see if there is any remaining warranty from the Coachbuilder. We provide all the services you need for all types of vehicles. In fact, we provide repairs on all types of hearses, limousines, first-call vans, and flower cars. At Parks Superior Sales, repairing funeral cars is what we do for a living with factory-trained technicians who only work on funeral cars every day, you get the most expertise, reliable and professional people working on your funeral vehicle making the workflow smooth and stress-free for you. With over 70 years of sales and service, Parks Superior Sales should be the only business you want to bring your funeral vehicle for warranty repair.

Time to upgrade

We carry all the major Coachbuilders in the funeral industry. At Parks Superior Sales, we offer you more than just a car sale, you get the full assortment of services including, the largest selection of new & pre-owned funeral cars in the world.


Did you know we are a Warranty center for most Coachbuilders when it comes to warranty? At Parks Superior Sales you get our state-of-the-art service and body shop. No one knows more about funeral vehicles than our factory-trained technicians that only work on funeral cars every day. That's why when you have any kind of warranty work, you can count on Parks Superior Sales to take care of any problem no matter how big or small.

Coachbuilder Warranties | Parks Superior Sales
Coachbuilder Warranties | Parks Superior Sales
Coachbuilder Warranties | Parks Superior Sales

Client Testimonials

"We are pleased with the new hearse - exactly what we expected. We cleaned everything up on Saturday and touched up a couple of little things - and it’s already for its debut today for a funeral. It will be a stunning hearse in our small town. Our funeral today is being officiated by Mike Pence’s former Chief of Staff - Bill Smith - should make a good Impression! He’s from Elwood originally; we bury all his family, and he still advises VP Pence at the White House every few weeks.
Thanks again for all your help in the purchase of our new vehicle. Your operation is certainly top-notch in every way. Appreciate the Yeti cups! Ruthless advertising - I love it! :)"

Cory May, Copher & Fesler Funeral Home

"Thank you CHARLIE!!!!! I am definitely NOT the car guy and have ALWAYS hated the car buying process lol. Needless to say, you have made the entire process seamless and I’m so appreciative of all that you and your team have done to allow my family to “Discover The Difference” at Ledford Funeral Home. Keep up the AMAZING work and please continue to stay healthy & safe."

Kyle Ledford, Ledford Funeral Home




Parks in-house body shop

Parks Superior has a complete IN-HOUSE body shop!  With services ranging from small blemish touch-up to a full repaint, our body shop team is factory trained and equipped with the latest technology to handle any funeral car repair.

Parks mechanical shop

Park Superior Sales’ Service Center offers all your funeral vehicle service needs. Engine light on, looking to replace brakes… look to our service department to take care of any problems that come up.