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2023 Chrysler Pacifica First Call Van

Model Details

Some funeral homes use the hearse for first call pickups, however, having a vehicle specifically for first calls and using the hearse solely for funerals reduces wear on your hearse and makes the first call process more discreet. The size and utility minivans offer make them a great option for discreet first call services. (I would bullet the options list that follows here) Conversions on these range from tinting or blacking-out the rear windows, and installing a metal deck (or sometimes, just bars) to secure the stretcher or casket, to having the rear section modified as a landau and the installation of a casket tray, similar to a hearse.
A removable casket floor and landau panels, combined with the Stow & Go seating, make the funeral vans easy to modify for any situation, whether transporting flowers or going to an at-need call.
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Exterior Length 204.3"
Exterior Width 79.6"
Exterior Height 69.9"

Casket Floor Length 89"
Casket Floor Width 47.5"
Wheelbase 121.6"




  • Colors

    • Black $0.00

    • White with Lower Chrome $0.00

    • Silver $0.00

  • Pillar

    • Chrome Pillar $0.00

  • Lower Chrome

    • Lower Chrome $0.00

  • Top

    • Vinyl Top $0.00

  • Panel

    • Black Landua Panel $0.00

    • Silver Landua Panel $0.00

    • White Landua Panel $0.00

Total Price $0.00
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Chrysler Pacifica First Call Van

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2023 Chrysler Pacifica First Call Van Exterior Gallery

2023 Chrysler Pacifica First Call Van Interior Gallery

Chrysler Pacifica First Call Van

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