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2024 Cadillac XT5 Eagle Echelon

Model Details

Your clients expect the best to honor their loved ones’ lives, and the Eagle XT5 Echelon Cadillac Hearse is the height of sophistication. Frequently used in dignified services, from politicians to celebrities, this elegant funeral hearse has a glass casket compartment that’s ideal for flag-draped displays and a painted roof for a sleek, clean look. The Echelon hearse provides the elegance and class your families deserve.
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Casket Door Opening Width: 47.75"
Stretch: 40"
Bier Pin To Bier Pin Length: 103"
Loading Height: 30.5"
Overall Width: 75"
Rear Side Door Width: 47.5"
Width Between Wheelhouse: 44"

Outside Turning Radius: 25.6'
Overall Floor Length: 126"
Load Door Opening Angle: 137°
Overall Height: 73.25"
Overall Length: 249"
Wheel Base: 152.5"
Inside Turning Radius: 16'


Certified Cadillac XT5
Eagle 6 year 100,000 mile warranty
Master Coachbuilder


  • Colors

    • Black $0.00

  • Pillar

    • BC Pillar Chrome $0.00

  • Wheels

    • 20" Upgraded Wheels $0.00

Total Price $0.00
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Eagle Echelon

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2024 Eagle Cadillac XT5 Echelon

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