Platinum Coach

Platinum Funeral Coach may be the new name to the industry, but their experience started in 1985. Joe Kellerman, the CEO of Platinum, was just fourteen years old when he started washing and detailing hearses for his uncle Mike Kellerman. Their company is centered on one main principal, a principal Joe learned from his uncle: the value of family. Joe decided to carry on that same idea in his own business: the majority of their employees are family members, and the other half they consider family. At Platinum Funeral Coach, they do things differently- not only do they care about quality- they deliver quality. They strive to build a product they are truly proud of, one that is a tool and aide to those who use it. At Platinum Funeral Coach, they do things their way … the Kellerman way … where excellence is the goal and family is the inspiration.


Cadillac XTS Phoenix

Modern, Bold, Trend-setting

The Phoenix purpose is a simple one: combine modern design with traditional quality and craftsmanship.  This car isn't simply a product, it has been built by the hands of those who have shaped the industry. It's a work of art, it is modern, sleek,'s the Phoenix.

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Cadillac XTS Pheonix "R"

Trail Blazer. Mold Breaker. Forward Motion

This is what it looks like when tradition and innovation meet. Phoenix-R retro window design flows seamlessly with the sharpest curves of the XTS Chassis. This isn't the usual limo window car...this design is the first to push what tradition offered and what true design demands. This car is for those who can't help but break the mold in all they do.

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Cadillac XTS Phoenix "C"

The Car they will Remember

For those that prefer a more contemporary approach to a window hearse, look no further than the Phoenix-C. It is everything you want, and so much more than you would ask for. This is the car that they will remember, featuring the curved window.

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Cadillac XTS MasterCoach

Get the Look You Want When You Want It!

Be the Master of them all with the industry's first removable landau panels. You get the look you want when you want it. Instantly transforming into an elegant window style hearse. It's like having two cars in one, giving you and your families many options.
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Cadillac XTS Cortege

The Cortege Flower Hearse combines old school styling with a new modern look.  A full stainless interior Casket area below a bed that can contain a beautiful array of flowers.
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Cadillac XTS 48

The Six Door Limo

48-Inch Stretch
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The Parks Family has been selling and servicing new and pre-owned funeral vehicles including Hearses, Limousines, First Call vehicles and Flower Cars for nearly 70 years. We carry Federal Coach & Eagle Coach, Platinum Coach, MK Coach & K2 Products. We take pride in being a resource to our customers.

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