Flower Cars

The flower car is used to carry flowers for the burial service, or sometimes to carry the coffin under a bed of flowers. Built on the same commercial chassis as a hearse, the flower car has half-height rear bodywork on the rear similar to a pickup truck bed. The bed contains a liner to hold the flowers, normally built of stainless steel to resist rust. Some flower cars have a raised, flat tonneau cover across the bed at the top, upon which the flowers sit; the center portion sometimes is designed to raise and lower, hydraulically or by hand.

Cadillac XTS Flower Car

Parks Smaller Custom Built Flower Car 

Built on a Cadillac XTS Chassis the Cadillac Flower car finds itself comfortably at the head of any funeral procession.

  • Stainless Steel Flower Bed
  • Adjustable Flower Tray
  • Additional Storage Area

Call one of our sales team to learn more about our Cadillac Flower Car.

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Cadillac XTS Cortege

Platinum's Flower Car

The Cortege Flower Hearse combines old school styling with a new modern look.  A full stainless interior Casket area below a bed that can contain a beautiful array of flowers.

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