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Financing and Leasing Solutions for the Funeral Industry

At Parks Superior Sales, we have over 60 years of experience providing equipment financing to the funeral industry. We are experts at providing finance solutions that meet the needs of our customers through a unique combination of industry knowledge, exceptional services, tailored products and financial strength. Nearly 80% of our customers choose to lease with us due to the lowest monthly payments, the tax advantages and the flexibility available at the end of the lease term. For more information please contact one of our sales representatives today.

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We finance funeral vehicles every day...does your bank? Your local bank requires mounds of paperwork to qualify you for a loan. Their underwriting guidelines generally prevent them from working with funeral vehicles, so you go through all the hassle of gathering your financial paperwork only to end up being declined. We work with lenders that understand the funeral industry. What does that mean for you? The financing process is simple and we get you approved quickly. We offer finance terms from 24-72 months with competitive commercial rates. Download our one page credit application today!


Advantages of Leasing

    Only pay for the portion of the vehicle you use!
    Lease payments are generally 100% Tax deductible: Consult with your accountant today!
    Leasing allows you to have more car for your money along with a fixed, low monthly payment. Professional vehicle models are rapidly changing. Remain a leader in your community with the latest body style and state of the art technology
    Leasing has no impact on your bank credit lines. Protect your borrowing power for other business needs or opportunities.
    Unlike bank lines of credit that usually have variable rates, lease payments are fixed for the term you choose.
    With warranty terms being longer these days, on most new cars you are under warranty the whole time you are leasing.
    Get immediate use of the vehicle with minimal upfront costs.

Are there any additional charges involved in a lease?

There are no additional charges involved in a lease. Just your monthly lease payment plus applicable taxes.

Can I cancel the lease and return the vehicle?

In a word, no. The lease is a non-cancelable agreement for the full term of the lease. However, depending on where you are in the term of the lease you do have options. We can work with you to upgrade to a newer model vehicle. We can also restructure your current lease to a lower monthly payment. Contact us today to discuss what option is best for you.

How do I apply for a lease?

It's quick and easy! Simply send us a completed, signed credit application. Most credit decisions are made within 24 hours of receipt of the credit information.

What is the process to lease a vehicle?

The lease process is fairly simple and streamlined:

  1. Complete our credit application and return it to us signed.
  2. The bank will review your credit and make an approval decision.
  3. When approved we will draft lease documents. We will send these out to you via FedEx overnight service for you to sign. A prepaid envelope will be included to return the signed paperwork to us.
  4. Once the leasing company has received your signed paperwork along with insurance information they can finalize the lease for you.
  5. The equipment is delivered to you and you will begin to receive monthly invoices from the bank for your lease.

Is a down payment required on a lease?

No down payment is required. Most leases can be structured with just two advance payments on delivery.

Isn't leasing complicated?

Not at all. In fact, where a bank or conventional lender would require financial statements and mounds of paperwork, most leases can be approved up to $150,000 with just a credit application.

What about taxes and insurance on a lease?

Most states charge a sales/use tax on the monthly lease payment amount. This amount will be added to your monthly invoice of the lease payment. In addition, your local municipality charges a personal property tax or excise tax yearly on the vehicle. All taxes and insurance are the responsibility of the lessee.

What happens to the vehicle at the end of the lease?

You have many options available at the end of your lease. You can upgrade your lease to a newer model vehicle, you can re-lease your current vehicle with a lower monthly payment, you can purchase your current vehicle at a discounted price or you can simply walk away.

What is the interest rate for leases?

A lease is an agreement to pay for the use of specialty vehicles for a specified period of time. We are not loaning you money; we are purchasing vehicles for your use. Therefore, there is no interest rate in the usual sense of the word.

Who is responsible for the maintenance of the vehicle on a lease?

As the lessee you are responsible to maintain the vehicle in good working order. On New Vehicles the manufacturer extended warranty covers you for the term of your lease. On Pre-Owned Vehicles there is generally a remaining balance of the chassis warranty.

What if I have questions or concerns once my lease has been processed?

Remember, you are our customer - simply give us a call. We have friendly staff that are more than happy to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. When you call you will talk to a real person, not an automated phone menu that’s impossible to navigate!

Can I trade my current vehicle in if I choose the leasing option for my new vehicle?

Yes. You can use your current vehicle as a trade-in to lower your monthly lease  payments.

Can I lease a used vehicle?

Yes, many of our pre-owned models are eligible for leasing. Contact our sales team to find which pre-owned vehicle will best meet your professional vehicle needs.

Crown Financial Services, LLC is one of the nation's leading professional vehicle leasing and financing sources offering low rates and quick approvals.  They specialize in leasing and financing of both new and pre-owned specialty vehicles to funeral homes and funeral livery service .

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