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2023 Chrysler Voyager L First Call Van

Model Details

Is your fleet complete? Add this workhorse to your fleet. The all new Chrysler Voyager First Call van comes equipped with a great looking chrome package, removable casket floor, landau panels and back up camera & sensors. Take a peek then call Parks Superior Sales today! Take the next step and call Parks Superior Sales today to find out how easy it is to get into the all new 2023 Chrysler Voyager First Call Vehicle. 800-229-5008

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Exterior Length 204.3"
Exterior Width 79.6"
Exterior Height 69.9"

Casket Floor Length 89"
Casket Floor Width 47.5"
Wheelbase 121.6"




  • Colors

    • Black $0.00

    • White with Lower Chrome $0.00

    • Silver $0.00

  • Pillar

    • BC Pillar Chrome $0.00

  • Top

    • Vinyl Top $0.00

  • Panel

    • Black Landua Panel $0.00

    • Silver Landua Panel $0.00

    • White Landua Panel $0.00

  • Lower Chrome

    • Lower Chrome $0.00

Total Price $0.00
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Chrysler Voyager First Call Van

Build Summary

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2023 Chrysler Voyager L First Call Van Exterior Gallery

2023 Chrysler Voyager L First Call Van Interior Gallery

Chrysler Voyager L First Call Van

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