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2024 Ford Explorer MK Combination Coach

Model Details

Check out the all new 2024 MK Coach Ford Explorer "Combination" Hearse. This powerful full size hearse has a tight turning radius making it great for city driving or getting in and out of tight spots. This hearse is loaded with many options like removable side panels. This hearse also comes with an optional Lincoln Nautilus front grille and removable Landau Panels. Pick from either All Wheel Drive or 2 Wheel Drive. Take a look and see why this "Combination" 2024 hearse can be a great fit for your business!! Take the next step and call Parks Superior Sales today to find out how easy it is to get into the all new 2024 Ford Explorer hearse.

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Casket Compartment Height At Load Door Opening 40"
Ground-To-Casket Floor Loading Height 31.7"
Casket Load Door Opening Width 48.5"
Casket Width Between Interior Wheel Wells 43"
Casket Floor Length 96.75"
Rear Side Door Width 44.5"

Overall Length 213.8"
Overall Width 89.3"
Exterior Height 69.9"
Wheelbase 119.1"
Ground Clearance 7.9"




  • Colors

    • Black $0.00

    • Silver $0.00

  • Pillar

    • BC Pillar Chrome $0.00

  • Band

    • Crown Band $0.00

    • Black Half Slick Top with Crown Band $0.00

  • Panel

    • Removable Panel $0.00

Total Price $0.00
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MK Combination

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2024 Ford Explorer MK Combination Coach Exterior Gallery

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2024 MK Ford Explorer Combination

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