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2023 Lincoln Nautilus MK Legacy

Model Details

The 2023 Lincoln hearse is built on the 2023 Lincoln Nautilus SUV Chassis. The exterior is sharp, with Lincoln applying sweeping lines and elegant contours. The 2023 Lincoln Nautilus will make every drive a liberating experience. The exterior unique details convey a dynamic elegance, while the Lincoln signature grille flows seamlessly into the headlamps and highlights the vehicle. MK Coach has taken the options up a notch. Suicide doors are now an option along with a pull out sliding church truck tray which makes it easier than ever to load and unload the church truck. MK Coach has also thought about the ever popular cremation rate and how important it is to get your hearse out. The 2023 Lincoln Nautilus has an optional portable urn enclave or manual rising urn enclave, making a beautiful presence on any service. Another great option for 2023, is the high view rear load door, making the window drop down so you can see the urn from the back of the hearse. The driver compartment is very roomy with the most up-to-date technology like hands free controls, Lincoln CO-pilot 360 featuring blind spot detection, Lincoln +Alexa, back up camera and sensors, Apple Sync and wireless charging. This 2023 MK Lincoln Nautilus hearse comes standard 2WD or optional AWD. Take the next step and call Parks Superior Sales today to find out how easy it is to get into the all new 2023 Lincoln Nautilus hearse. 800-229-5008

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Casket Compartment Height At Load Door Opening 40"
Ground-To-Casket Floor Loading Height 28"
Door Casket Load Door Opening Width 48.5"
Casket Width Between Interior Wheel Wells 44"
Casket Floor Length 113.5"
Rear Side Door Width 47"

Overall Length 232"
Overall Width 76.1"
Exterior Height 73"
Wheelbase 142.2"
Ground Clearance 8"




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MK Legacy

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2023 MK Lincoln Nautilus Legacy

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