2020 MK Ford Explorer Combination

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Lead car, front-line hearse, back-up hearse, airport runs, first-call vehicle, cremation vehicle, flower car – the Combination Coach satisfies all your business needs with grace, dignity and impeccable style. Built on a heavy-duty chassis, the Combination Coach seamlessly blends into your luxury Lincoln fleet with its optional matching grille and taillights. Every funeral home should consider this fleet-enhancing, fully factory-warranted model.

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2020 MK Ford Explorer "Combination"




4-Year/50,000 miles bumper-to-bumper on Ford Chassis begins when you accept delivery. Lifetime Warranty against rust on all MK Coach Body Panels Conversion and Materials covered for 4 Years/50,000 miles whichever comes first.


Flooring Options

1) Alicante

2) Black Fusion

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Exterior Colors

Agate Black

Iconic Silver

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Removable Side Panel

European Style Rear Window

Built In Urn Carrier

Aluminium Cotmate

Lincoln Front Grille