Funeral Car Insurance Repair

After the dust settles from your vehicle's accident, it's time to get your car fixed. More often than not, your insurance company will provide you with a list of auto-body / repair shops they prefer to work with. At Park Superior Sales, we can help with your funeral car insurance repair and get your vehicle back on the road in no time.

We'll help you understand the pros and cons of using insurance company sponsored body shops – otherwise known as preferred service providers – and how it can affect your car repair experience. At Parks, we have a state of the art repair facility specifically for funeral vehicles. From the ground up, plugs to paint,

we have all the tools and industry experience to help you get your vehicle back into production.

When it comes to getting your funeral vehicle repaired, Parks Superior Sales, has the best insurance repair services anywhere around. Finding quality care for your funeral vehicle can be a difficult process. There are many auto repair and service shops that claim they can provide exactly what you need, but many of them aren’t certified. At Park Superior Sales, you can count on getting repairs and services you need to keep your car running efficiently. We provide all of the necessary services for your vehicle, so you don’t have to worry about going to multiple service shops.

Do you know when it’s time for auto repair? If not, now is the time to figure it out. Unfortunately, we have customers who don’t even realize they need car engine repair, brake repair service or auto diagnostic services until it’s too late. Most insurance companies prefer auto body repair shops that are trying to compete for the insurance company's business and they will try to keep their costs as low as possible. This means the auto body repair shops may use generic or salvaged parts instead of original equipment manufactured (OEM) parts. Traditionally, these are considered lower quality parts than OEMs. At Parks Superior, we use genuine parts to ensure a clean fit and ultimately a quality repair.

We don’t want you to wait until it’s too late. If your vehicle begins operating out of the norm or the dashboard lights up, it’s time to call Parks Superior Sales and speak with a service representative that will give you straight answers on your vehicle. We provide all the services you need for all types of vehicles. In fact, we provide repairs on all types of hearses and funeral limousines. We are also a warranty center for most Coachbuilders.

At Parks Superior Sales, repairing funeral cars is what we do for a living. We will work with your insurance carrier to make the work flow smooth and stress free for you. With 70 years of sales and service, Parks Superior Sales should be the only business you want to bring your funeral vehicle for repair. Call us today to schedule your vehicle for maintenance.


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The Parks Family has been selling and servicing new and pre-owned funeral vehicles including Hearses, Limousines, First Call vehicles and Flower Cars for nearly 70 years. We carry Federal Coach & Eagle Coach, Platinum Coach, MK Coach & K2 Products. We take pride in being a resource to our customers.

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