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Cadillac Hearses for Sale

Parks Superior Sales inventory of 2018 Cadillac hearses is now available. Looking for a dependable and affordable vehicle for your business and not sure where to start. With some many new and pre-owned Cadillac hearses to choose from, Parks Superior Sales has not only the inventory but also the service team to keep your vehicle looking and running well. With 2018 in another week make sure you check out all the great deals we have going on.

It’s never an easy decision to make when you’re looking for a new hearse. The staff at Parks Superior Sales goes above and beyond to ensure that your purchase is everything that you can imagine. We have many leasing & financing options available to help you in your purchase decision. From sales to support we have what it takes to put you in the drivers seat.

Serving the New England Region of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut as well as the Mid-Atlantic region of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, Parks Superior Sales is known throughout the US for its quality and over 65 years of business. You place the order and we’ll put it in your driveway!

If you’re deciding on new hearse for your fleet, please check out our large inventory of new and pre-owned vehicles. Hearses, Limousines or First Call Vans are in stock and ready to go. Got questions. Call our sales team today to learn more about the car of your dreams.

We take pride in being a resource to our customers offering:
  • A complete service department and body shop with factory trained technicians
  • A complete parts department for all of your funeral vehicle needs
  • A variety of leasing & financing options with terms of up to 72 months with banks who understand the needs of the funeral industry.

Our 2018 inventory of Platinum funeral coaches include The Phoenix, Phoenix-R, Phoenix-C and the Platinum Cortege.

If you’re in the funeral business in the following states; Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, we are just a phone call away. Dependability and affordability is what Parks Superior Sales is all about.

No other dealer has this length and depth of 2018 hearse product lines that we do. Superior Coach – 60+ years • S&S Coach 15+ years • Eagle Coach 30+ years • Federal Coach 40+ years and Platinum Coach/MK Coach companies brought us in at their start a few years ago.

Offering such a comprehensive selection allows customers to choose the new and pre-owned vehicle they want, not just what is available. Only the highest quality pre-owned vehicles are carefully chosen to be re-sold. Those vehicles not chosen are auctioned or sold to wholesalers.

Start 2018 off right with a call to Parks Superior Sales. Please call us at 800-229-5008 and see why over 500 customers per year choose Parks Superior Sales as their Hearse & Limousine dealer. Click here to View our Pre-Owned Inventory!