Cadillac XTS Kingsley

Elegance with your budget in mind

Built on the 2019 Cadillac XTS Coachbuilder Chassis, the XTS Kingsley is affordable and functional. Standard with a Vinyl Top, Chrome Coach Lamps, and Landau Bows the Cadillac XTS Kingsley continues to be the industry’s best value.

The New! ABS Lower Bumper Protector and Standard Extend-A-Sill serves as additional protection against rear end damage. The Cadillac XTS Kingsley is positioned for the Funeral Director that requires elegance as a cost-effective price.


  • OEM Antenna
  • Bumper Protector, black ABS, flush-mount insert
  • Bumper, rear, European license plate pocket
  • Door, casket loading, dual hold-open detents
  • Door, casket loading, traditional, left hand hinging
  • Door, casket loading, vinyl covered, with flush mounted glass
  • Doors, side, OEM "B" post covers
  • Drip Rails, aluminum over all doors
  • Landau Bows, chrome with Eagle emblem
  • Locks, emergency unlock switch unlocks the driver's door - located in rear license plate pocket
  • Integrated Locking System in Rear Cadillac Emblem
  • Moldings, vinyl top chrome reveal
  • Sail Panel/Motif Area, Eagle Coach Lamps and nameplates
  • Vinyl Top, Double seam, Tuxedo, Elk Grain or Corsican
  • 18” Wheels, polished aluminum - OEM


  • Carpet, rear compartment, underfloor - Black carpet & trim
  • Vinyl Interior and Trim in Casket Compartment Interior
  • Laminate Casket Floor
  • Church Truck Compartment - Open Well w/lift-up door
  • 6-LED Rear Compartment Dome Lights
  • 1-Piece Drapes on rear side and loading doors
  • Hardware:
  • (2) Front Bier Pin Plate with 10 holes
  • (1)Mid Table Bier Pin Plate with 2 holes
  • (1) Rear Bier Pin Plate with 10 holes
  • (1) Rear Bier Pin Storage, right side table
  • Rear Adjustable Bier Pin
  • (2) Front Stationary Bier Pins
  • (2) 90 degree rollers at sill plate
  • (8) Rubber Rollers on Table
  • (4) Chrome Plated Skid Plates
  • OEM - Front Air bags standard
  • Power Operated Locks, controls all five (5) doors, and a lock set and keys for casket loading door
  • Locks, rear interior loading door override, push rod
  • Side Door Nameplate Holders
  • 2-Piece Sliding Glass Partition
  • Lighted, Recessed Shadow Boxes
  • Polished Stainless Steel Sill Plate
  • Stainless Steel Storage Bin Under Partition
  • Labeled Switches & Controls
  • Extend-a-Sill with doorstop


  • B&C Pillar Stainless Trim
  • Back-up Sensors
  • Battery, dual, jump start feature
  • Carpet, removable Full Length To Cover Floor and Bumper
  • Casket Compartment Interior & Trim - Cloth
  • Church Truck Compartment - Closed Well w/swing-out door
  • Church Truck Compartment - Closed Well with-out door
  • Cot Mate, aluminum, 28" wide with plastic liner (Standard with full conversion)
  • Cot Mate, aluminum, Double wide with plastic liner
  • Crown molding, stainless steel roof band, with full vinyl top
  • Crown Roof, 1/2 vinyl top with painted front roof and stainless band
  • Door, casket loading, right hand hinging
  • Flag Staff Holders, right & left front fender (includes 2 purple and 2 American Flags)
  • Hardware: Bier Pin, quick release, rear
  • Light Options:
  • Light Bar, mini-LED, 17", Amber, includes wiring
  • Light Bar, super-LED, 22", Amber, includes wiring
  • Strobe Kit (2-way) Clear LED - Grille Mount
  • Strobe Kit (4-way) Clear LED - Grille Mount
  • Round Fender Mounted Strobes
  • Manual or Electric Extend Table
  • In-Floor Urn Holder


  • Door, casket loading, 1-piece composite with structural reinforcements
  • Doors, rear side, 1-piece composite with structural reinforcements - forward tilt
  • Roof & Quarter Panels, 1-piece composite
  • Undercoating, frame rails, rocker, and conversion underbody


  • 6-year/60,000-Mile Conversion Warranty


  • Casket Door Opening Height 38.125"
  • Casket Door Opening Width 43"
  • Chassis Extension - Wheelbase 44"
  • Floor Length 115"
  • Load Door Opening Angle 125o
  • Loading Height 28"
  • Overall Height 70"
  • Overall Length 246"
  • Overall Width 73"
  • Rear Side Door Width 50"
  • Wheel Base 156"
  • Width between Wheelhouse 41.5"



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